Dead Sea Apes live at Soup Kitchen 02.06.2015

Dead Sea Apes are rising. Gaining a reputation as a hotly sought after support act and with a third album imminent, it’s fine time for the Apes.

Supporting Chilean motorik merchants Follakzoid at Soup Kitchen they put on a stringent, confident show. Their music veers from miasmic ambience, to metal with a groove,to dubby space rock. Never quite aligning their allegiance with any of these genres provides them with a fleet footed ability to keep people guessing.

Each member of the band gets space to shine. Brett Savage’s guitar is building structures-within-strucures, an oil dipped faberge egg, occasionally an effects laden soup, occasionally forming crystalline patterns. Nick Harris’ supple bass keeps the momentum and stops the music drifting into arty experimentalism. The fact you can nod your head to Dead Sea Apes goes a long way. Maybe the star of the show was Chis Hardman on drums: quite a simply he provided the power of a double drummer line up, a hypnotic sight of flailing metronomy.

I still think the best way to enjoy Dead Sea Apes is to marry their albums with a cup of tea, plate of biccies and a sci-fi book, but as a live show they’re only going upwards.


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