E GONE, aka Daniel Westerlund spins songs that encompass folk, psych and post rock. With a slew of releases under this moniker (and his previous alias The Goner) Westurlund is a true explorer of the sonic arts. His first full length LP as E GONE, All The Suns Of The Earth was one of the key releases of 2014; while we wait patiently for the follow-up, he has provided us with a new EP, SMOKEDIVER.


Lashings of banjo and sitar that are accompanied by repetitive beats. The result is heady; psychedelic and trippy yet taut and mesmerising. Coiled and waspish yet as sultry and ethereal as the EP’s title would suggest.

A street thief jinks through the crowded streets of Baghdad as the oppressive sun beats down and hot dust rises up. In other words, E GONE goes middle eastern in ‘Decapitating A Friend In Varanasi’. Picking up where ‘Hexx’ from All The Suns… left off, this is just one of E GONE’s calling cards; the banjo based dance tune.

‘SMOKEDIVER I’ casts potent spells with a sidewinder’s desert slither. A slow and droning interplay between guitar and bass, locked together in perpetuity. In the background squalls of effects play.

‘SMOKEDIVER II’ practically wafts into ambience, machine electronics and blurts adding a futuristic sheen to the EP, pitching a time shift that merges past and future. As with much of E GONE’s music, reality itself appears to shift like sand under your feet due to the quiet intensity of the sound puzzles pitched, as a true shamanic quality that emerges.

Embracing Eastern mysticism yet still fed through his post rock and psych background, the EP feels like one of Jah Wobble world music albums. There is also the impression that Westerlund could produce releases like this every few weeks without breaking sweat.



As per usual, brilliant.

SMOKEDIVER is available for free from Bandcamp. Don’t download it for free though, buy!

Also check out his previous life as The Goner



3 thoughts on “E GONE – SMOKEDIVER EP (2015)

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