Live Review – Purple Heart Parade at Cosmosis

Before Purple Heart Parade took to the stage at the dilapidated Health & Safety bothering Antwerp Mansion at the Cosmosis Festival there were two concerns. Firstly, would the sound be sorted out and secondly, would the upstairs room end up downstairs?

Luckily both these fears came to nought. The sound was sorted and we all lived to tell the story.

As for Purple Heart Parade this is a band getting better all the time and emerging from the pack of identikit bands recycling the cliches.

Mike Bee on guitar is emerging as the Master-Of-The-Stratocaster of the psychedelic revolution. Starting with lashings of noise then releasing the killer riff of ‘Starfucker Blues’ in what could be the best version of this song I have seen. This was 30 minutes of dazzling, virtuoso playing.


Peter on vocals appeared to be in a combative mood which gave his performance a crisp edge. Keith and Steve on drums and bass were surprisingly subtle, giving plenty of room for Mike and Peter.


Certainly a different band from how they used to be but personally I think the new Purple Heart Parade are moving into the A-listers.


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