Purple Heart Parade live at The Eagle Inn

The gloves are off. My previous encounters with Purple Heart Parade have shown a shoegaze inspired, effects heavy outfit burying their songs in a a haze of mist. Opaque to the point of translucent and difficult to grasp. This was cool, this was great.

But things have changed slightly, two new guitarists are on board, one of them being Mike Bee, who can also be found leading The Phoenix Experiment. The change in the short time between the Liverpool Psych Fest and the 14th November was incredible.

So, not only are the gloves off, the knuckle dusters are on. Purple Heart Parade are no longer the cool take-it-or-leave-it band but one that attacks and pursues. The music is now more direct, more attacking, clarity bringing focus and poise.

Testament to their growing skill is that a new song was performed so well that telling the crowd it was new was the only way anyone could have guessed. The version of ‘Starfucker Blues’ was a visceral desiccation of song, ripping the guts out and daubing the walls of The Eagle Inn’s phenomenal little gig hole.

An incredibly exciting performance that leaves one question: now that Puressence have split, and, while things will never be the same again, could Purple Heart Parade be the band to fill that void?


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