Tess Parks live at The Castle

Tess Parks is a Toronto born songsmith, who, with a guitar sings exquisitely sad songs in the style of Mazzy Star. Downbeat, but blissfull and serene. With a smoky, husky voice she weaves songs made as if from the mist itself.

The nice thing about Tess is simply that it’s just her spinning these songs. Dozens of bands could play songs like these, bury them under 4 guitars and the effect would be lost. Instead we are left to concentrate on the actual bones and mechanics of the song. On top of which is the reminder of the simple, wonderful metallic twanging of a guitar being strummed.

Her performance was quite bedazzling, with an enraptured silence falling after each song before an enthusiastic applause. She also got an attack of the giggles when a mobile went off, which was very endearing. Bewitching.


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