Brahma Loka live at Soup Kitchen

Promoter Interstellar Overdrive reckons that Brahma Loka are going to be the next big thing. On the basis of a remarkable set at Soup Kitchen supporting Lola Colt, there well may be something in this.

Many points of reference sprang to mind from their music: Television, Roxy Music, Gang Of Four, Wire, at one point I even noted a melodic sense not dissimilar to the Railway Children. The songs veered between languid and silky to harsh, dissonant attacks. The songs are long, dramatic, and stacked with head nodding grooves.

Clearly skilled musicians, they looked as if they have a hundred shows under their belt. The rhythm section in particular is spectacularly dynamic. The bass player throws out riffs hewn from granite, but with the lithe fluidity of a Velociraptor attack. Meanwhile the drummer is simply brilliant, it’s as if someone has kidnapped a drummer from a Madchester band and carried out some freakish gene-splicing experiment to give him the timing of Jaki Liebezeit.

Everyone in the dungeon below Soup Kitchen was bowled over by the Mossley band, so make sure to put them on your radar.

Here’s a brand new studio track:


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