Zombie Zombie – Live At The Liverpool Psych Fest

Last weekend saw the epoch defining Liverpool Psych Fest, an event so epic they should write Nordic poetry in it’s honour. But of the 17 live sets I took in, which was the best?

Still woozy and light headed from the sugar rush of Klaus Johann Grobe I veered giddily to Camp for Zombie Zombie. They took to the stage with style:

“Sorry we’re a little late getting started. We had to clear all these guitars away. Fuck guitars.”

3 guys: 1 on analogue synths and 2 drummers. That’s it. I can’t particularly remember much of the actual set list, I recognised a couple from of their John Carpenter covers and pretty sure ‘Rocket #9’ was in there. The importance though was the overall effect. 2 drummers. Pounding electronics. A warehouse. The early hours of the morning. This wasn’t a gig, it was an event, closer to a rave than a concert. It was quite simply, amazing, one of the best live sets I have ever witnessed.

The only question remaining is that how come some people weren’t dancing? 2 drummers. Count ‘em. 2 drummers. How much rhythm do you need?? You ever have the urge to scream at people “Dance you impotent fucks, DANCE!!!”?

Driving the air from body and injecting adrenaline through every vein and artery, Zombie Zombie showed what live music should be, an experience to lose yourself in.


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