Three Dimensional Tanx – Live at Fuel Cafe Bar

The heady combination of Stooges and E-Numbers that is Three Dimensional Tanx dropped into Withington earlier to play Fuel Cafe Bar. Bright, fun and insistent, they are a lot like the title sequence to a 60s ITC spy show.

‘I Am Go’ continues to be 2 minutes of intense solar energy, like pressing defibrillators against your temples. It’s a similar effect to what Joy Division achieved with ‘Transmission’, which again leads me to the view that vocalist Spacey shares a vocal trait with Ian Curtis in having that sense of automatic language: the vocals being spewed, not formulated. It’s that inkling that the words are controlling the man, not the other way about.

Not having seen The MC5 live in the 60s I can’t testify to this, but guitarist Pete has the kind of wild anarchy that I associate with Brother Wayne Kramer (from the scant scintilla on live footage available on You Tube). Loz on drums was a firebrand as usual and achieved a machine gun delivery on ‘King Of The Country’ and cheekily started the set by teasing the crowd with the opening splashes of the Roses’ ‘She Bangs The Drums’. Commenting on the logic of shutting the windows garnered laughs as well. Meanwhile, Sean and Richard quietly hold the vortex together. Well, not quietly.

The set was a hearty chunk of the album they released earlier this year. Pleasingly, ‘Caterpillar’ has had the lyrics put back in and the keyboards were higher in the mix than the last couple of time I have seen them and Spacey was in fine fettle. Ending the set was a surprise visit from golden oldie ‘The Man With Silver Hair Used to Call Me Speedy’.

I’m pretty sure Fuel Cafe Bar was literally rocking under the onslaught of Three Dimensional Tanx. Both loud and electrifying enough to wake the dead, they are, of course, essential.


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