The Glass Moths – The Glass Moths EP (2014)

Middlesbrough’s The Glass Moths are difficult to pin down, definitely a part of the current psych scene they don’t fit into any particular pigeonhole. This is excellent news.

A lonely, ramshackle hut stands in the middle of the desert, tumbleweed idles past. A cowboy leans nonchalantly against the door, played by Dennis Hopper. He sullenly flicks the ash from his cigarette into the wind. Under hooded under eyes he scans the horizon. Suddenly a space / time portal* opens and Terrence Stamp rides in from Carnaby Street, eying up the dolly birds. Dennis, nonchalant, barely interested, saddles up his horse, ensures his revolver is fully loaded and rides off into the sunset.

That was ‘Your Next Life’. In other words, a languid keyboard driven piece with spaghetti western twangs which transforms into a 60s rocker.

‘Mothers’ conversely is the sound of a house party round at the Mysterons house with wine and nibbles. Space rock keyboards evoke Hawkwind, the guitar is again loose and the rhythm section ticks along.

‘Oceanhead’ sees Donovan floating through the seaweed. A puffer fish looks at him askance. One the beguiling things is how dream-like The Glass Moths are whilst still having a relatively frisky bass & drums setup. Trippy but never hippy.

This may be an antagonistic, but ‘Money Love’ isn’t a million miles away from an Oasis B side. Another superlative chorus and tight instrumentation that sucks the listener down into a slow motion whirlpool before whipping them into a day glo tornado. Expanding over a glorious 8 minutes, showing the band has the chops for an elongated jam. There’s possibly a hint of Television on ketamine at work.

The vocals are bold and authoritative, a refreshing change in psych.

Theres something rather glam at work here: recalling the skill and fluidity of fellow north-eastern exports Roxy Music with hooks of Bowie thrown in. There are slight hints of post punk and space rock. A touch of Suede?  To being us forward more modern comparisons may be The Brian Jonestown Massacre and The Sudden Death Of Stars. Imaginative, fun, confident (maybe even cheeky) and well assured. The Glass Moths should be checked out, this EP has some awesomely awesome delights packed on it.

*This writer imagines the kind of portals opened by Mighty Max‘s baseball cap, other space / time portals are available, depending on which decade you grew up in.



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