Quilt – Quilt (2011)

Quilt’s glorious self titled album is a playground of delightful games and never-ending fun. Bedazzling and joyous, it evokes 60s psych a plenty. They’re East Coast and my, they sound it. Imagine, if you can, The Slits covering The Mama’s And The Papa’s. Let’s take a look at some of the highlights:

‘Cowboys In The Void’ is the standout track here. A simply gorgeous, rolling jangle sweeps in. Occasionally coming over like a play school version of ‘Transmission’ by Joy Division but set on a Californian beach, not Salford. Meanwhile the guitar is so iridescent it can barely be seen by the human eye. The song is a cacophony of catcalls from a gang of back alley kids playing in the dying embers of the sun before their mum’s call them in for their tea’s.

Meanwhile, on ‘Penobska Oakwalk’, Nico appears to be leading a small army of her clones in a camp fire sing-song. The chorus? Gasp… the chorus.

‘Milo’ has a bouncy motorik throb and great lyrics that in some intangible way remind me of William Blake. Shifting its pace, dreamy in tone and with a wonderful chorus this is beautiful stuff.

‘Lost And Lewd’ is hell of a lot of fun with lop-sided banjo’s and a gleeful sense of abandon. Quilt often sound like a bunch of mates having fun. It provides a Beastie Boys sense that the band is having a party and invited everyone around.

‘Gome Home’ winds the album down with time-for-bed chill out tinged with the melancholy of a fine day drawing to a close.

The use of vocals is simply divine and contributes to the band’s beauty and sense of fun. This is an album littered with melodies to make you grin from ear to ear. Punch the air? These suckers make me want to punch the sun


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