Purple Heart Parade – ‘Painting Pictures’ (single – 2013)

Having caught Manchester’s Purple Heart Parade last year supporting one of the myriad of stunning bands who drop down into The Roadhouse I was rather impressed with their bringing a Verve-esque swagger and typically Mancunian cock-of-the-walk confidence to shoegaze. Kick starting their campaign for glory is the single ‘Painting Pictures’.

Spun through a ghostly web of Halloween special effects squalls, ‘Painting Pictures’ stomps insistent drums, hollers fractured vocals and flicks splinters of underwater guitar stabs. Adding a goth dash of atmosphere to shoegaze, this is stylish stuff.

On the flip side, ‘Starfucker Blues’ (beat that for a title) has a hard-hitting snake hipped welter-weight champeen of a riff. The rhythm section motors the song along with skill. The vocals could be less hidden under effects, plus the whole shoegaze singing style is a dime a dozen these days.

The bonus track ‘Lies and Kites’ is a rather lovely jangly affair and is almost (dare I say it?) reminiscent of Puressence.

Purple Heart Parade’s ‘Painting Pictures’ (these guys sure like the letter “p”) have piles of potential and promise plenty (two can play at that game!)


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