Younghusband – Dromes (2013)

The shoegaze revival resembles a dozen peacocks trying to squeeze onto a small lilo. Sure, they all look impressive, but there isn’t enough space to go around. In other words, shoegaze is a fairly limited sound and there are dozens of bands vying for attention. Luckily, London’s Younghusband take up the challenge and find space on the lilo to display their plumage.

Taking the shoegaze ethos, the vocals may be sleepy and the guitars aided by pedals but the band has a few other tricks up its sleeves. Adding elements of post punk and the simple pleasures of a well made pop song results in Dromes, an album that makes you prick your ears up.

cover younghusband

Highlights include ‘Running Water’ which pours out of your speaker with tranquil, dreamy, layered vocals working in conjunction. Acoustic and electric guitars serenade these lost voices. ‘Comets Crossed’ introduces groove and blends it with a slice of summer pop bliss. Altogether the song is somewhere between ‘Silver Machine’ and New Order on Waiting For The Sirens Call. ‘*’ is the a rare hint of drums coming to the fore and packs a needling riff. Imagine Mazzy Starr jamming with Ennio Morricone. ‘Wavelength’ has a softly lilting chorus and makes good use of an acoustic guitar and 80s keyboard washes with a handful of surf licks. ‘Division’ brings out the electronics to produce a sleepy synth pop number. ‘Constantly In Love’ has a soft, autumnal brooding caress.

Click to listen to ‘Comets Crossed’

There isn’t a weak track on Dromes (not including ‘**’ which is a throwaway segue) which impresses with its style, grace and production. This is a band to watch out for. Not necessarily on a lilo.


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