Mugstar – …Sun, Broken… (2010)

For an instrumental space rock band, Mugstar squeeze more fun and frivolity into an album than Miranda Hart has fitted into her entire career. Bad example, Throbbing Gristle did that as well.

‘Technical Knowledge As A Weapon’ sounds like Hawkwind running a garage and they’ve been down the pub at dinner for a few brewski’s before doing that vital brake check. It’s harder than a sack of claw hammers.

‘Ouroboros’ sounds like a metal band playing hide & seek with a coked up barracuda. Then simmer down to sound like the chase sequence from a noir. Imagine Robert Mitchum in a car with fins.

‘Labrador Hatchet’ is the sound of a clockwork rattlesnake in a post apocalyptic ruin.

‘Today Is The Wrong Shape’ features a rocket ship taking off. The bass is a granite block of noise that makes Gang Of Four sound like Orange Juice. If anyone wants a good example of space rock, this is it.

‘She Took Away My Medicine’ rumbles along like a Ronnie O’Sullivan 147: you know what’s happening but you just have to sit there and take it like a man.

‘Furklausunbo’ is so good it could be the musical equivalent of a long island ice tea with a jager bomb chaser. With the rhythm section knocking out a beat so convulsive it makes “Rock Lobster” sound like a Brian Eno cut. The song has an overwhelmingly joyous sensation, probably happier than a porn star cameraman. Or happier than the lucky swine who gets to hurl Piers Morgan face first into an agricultural thresher. Ascending to a glorious cluster-fuck of sound it could possibly induce nose bleeds.

It’s Mugstar. Buy it.

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