Three Dimensional Tanx – Live at The Castle Hotel 22.10.2014

Trippy garage rock outfit Three Dimensional Tanx (3D Tanx for short) were back in town last night, continuing to tick off Northern Quarter locales. They were playing in the back room of The Castle, an odd room with a high ceiling that makes you feel like a Borrower inside a piano.

Drums were insanely (and gloriously) loud with the trademark keyboards being barely negligible. With the other instruments fighting for space around the drums the overall effect was one of cows being flung around a twister. This would not work if it wasn’t for the fact that with Loz, they have the best rock ‘n’ roll drummer around. But then, what makes Three Dimensional Tanx special is the sheer fucking enjoyment they take in playing. Most psych bands simply play their songs, 3D Tanx detonate their songs. Guitarist Pete throws moves like Johnny Thunders and vocalist Spacey embodies essences of Iggy Pop, Lux Interior and the solo work of Clint Boon (‘White With No Sugar’ is one of the best Manchester songs ever).

Highlight (as always since ‘Psychedelic Sun’ was retired) was ‘I Am Go’ which explodes like The MC5’s ‘American Ruse’ except with more dynamite rammed up it. ‘King Of The Country’ and ‘Here Come The Flies’ were dispatched like fighter jets. Curiously, ‘Caterpillar’ was again performed as an instrumental. This seems like an odd choice as taking out Spacey’s vocals is like removing the flake from a 99. However the song was still blasted out, reaching fever pitch to end on a high.

What puzzles me is how anyone who sees 3D Tanx live doesn’t immediately rush out into the street and start singing their praises from street corners. The small back room of The Castle was packed and everyone there was digging it so fingers crossed there are converts to the cause.

Once again, Three Dimensional Tanx effortlessly proved themselves to be the most vital band on the circuit.

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