Ragged Barracudas – Livin The Dream 7″ (2014)

Imagine a tantalising gumbo in which the following ingredients have been added: the coagulated death rattle of The Birthday Party, the bad sex vibes of Morphine and the primordial soup stock of Bassholes. This is where Ragged Barracudas come in, as chef and creator of this ungodly dish.

Greasy, slimy, oily, ditchwater blues crawl from the title track like 50s B Movie monster The Blob. Guttural Nick Cave anguished vocals are bawled over a Deep South version of ‘Spread Your Love’. ‘Cheap Allure’ offers spit ‘n’ sawdust rockabilly. ‘Motor Jam’ ends with a slow motion replay of a fuzzy blues riff.

If all this whets your appetite, order yourself a helping and wash it down with cheap bourbon.


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