The Movements – Like Elephants 1 (2014)

The Movements are a Swedish band, though you never would have thought it. Here on Like Elephants 1, sister album to the follow up, (Like Elephants 2) they successfully evoke an old-world sun-kissed psych.

The general vibe is one of The Kinks style pop meets 60s American garage rock. ‘The Death Of John Hall D.Y.’ is a hazy, late evening sun delight. The middle tracks bring out keyboard orientated garage rock, with ‘The Great Deceiver’ being a standout. The title track is a smooth, folky run out. Best of all is ‘Boogin’, a ‘Marquee Moon’ display of crystalline guitar interchange.

Not the most original of bands and maybe a little shy to stand out from their heroes shadows, The Movements are a beautifully slick, well honed band with an impressive control over their art.


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