The Dandelion – The Strange Case Of The Dandelion (2013)

The Dandelion is the side project of Daniel Poulter from Aussie psych band the Dolly Rocker Movement. The Strange Case Of The Dandelion was released in 2013 and is available for a snip on Bandcamp.

The main thrust of the music is powered by organ and flutes, though powered is probably the wrong word. While there are the occasional fuzzy guitar solo’s, a laid back 60s vibe dominates. The band that springs most to mind for me is The Blue Orchids, the pagan psychedelia band of Martin Bramah post The Fall, not just from The Greatest Hit but later material such as ‘Soul Stuff’ and ‘Black Peg’s Son’. There is also a Kinks style countryside whimsy.

Standout track is ‘I Turned On As You Turned Around’, with a dizzying, spiralling, ascent of music and a chorus not quickly forgotten. Here it is…

‘Ships To Tarsish’ is notable for introducing Middle Eastern textures on a track that could easily be from a John Cale solo album. ‘Here Comes Love’ features a killer riff, playing a brand of laid back rock ‘n’ roll with Inspiral Carpet undertones. ‘All Seeing Eye Syndrome’ is a danceable garage rock number you wouldn’t be surprised to find on Nuggets.

It’s not perfect, the album is a little one note so at 13 songs a lack of flexibility does creep in. However, at a trim 36 minutes this is a minor flaw.

Offering a gentler, reflective, whimsical side to psych, The Strange Case Of The Dandelion is a little pearl worth investigating.


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