White Manna – White Manna (2012)

White Manna are an American space rock band of longhairs with a plentiful stash of… effects pedals.
Their debut album, the self titled White Manna starts off with a druggy haze of guitars. No one drawls like White Manna.
The band has a delicious sense of groove. I was lucky to see them live at the Liverpool Psych Festival but to be honest thought the wailing guitar abuse was a little too dominant over the rhythm section so sounded a little bit too much like 70s rock (just my view though).

Here though things are more balanced and what you have is a fine space rock / psychedelic brew. The guitars are sharp as razors, the vocals are a lost in a windstorm holler and the rhythm section pounds. This is huge music.
The songs take shape against a backdrop of an expanding solar system and flow with a relentless, imperturbable energy, like the engines of a star cruiser. Songs speed up, songs slow down. This is an album to immerse yourself in.
No songs stand out but a journey isn’t about any individual section, it’s about the whole trip. This is a trip worth buying a ticket for.


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