The Koolaid Electric Company – Random Noises and Organised Sounds (2011)

This album by The Koolaid Electric Company was released in 2011 so they were a nose in front of the current boom in the psych revival. Does the album measure up to the flood of competition?
Yes, in droves. Drones in droves, in fact. The level of song writing is clear right from the off as “Alright” kicks the album off in top gear, hot and gloopy, like lava and this bleeds into “Going Blind” all aching melody and languid guitars. “Home” has a cascading, rippling quality. “Dreams” is a skyscraper of noise. “Invasion On The Skies” is a high power run out. “Over The Mountain” ends the album as strongly as it began. The quality remains high throughout.
Ride were clearly a massive influence. Guitars shimmer like heat haze. Some of the guitar effects are wonderful, they clearly had an impressive set of pedals! The songs are well structured and the band clearly has a flair for timing the ebb and flow of the music.
This is an excellent album of modern psych. Due to the crop of bands all playing in this style, the album can hardly said to be original but The Koolaid Electric Company have delivered a top drawer album of quality songs.


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